38 Beautiful Short Hairstyles Ideas for Girls

With seeing many celebrities chopping off their long locks it has become a question asked by many as to why girls go for the shorter style. Most girls could never rack up the nerve because. It’s hard to let go of long hair. Finding the right hairstyle for yourself is ultimately difficult, too. It appears as if these girls snipped away with no problem. But, why?

Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus… all chopped! These celebrity women have caused a trend of short hairstyles to arise out of the world. We ask ourselves why? Why would they go for shorter hair? Especially when it was so pretty before. Each individual woman is completely different so it’s hard to tell why anyone does anything, especially trying out these new hairstyles. Why do girls find themselves attracted to this length? There are multiple reasons that could lead a woman to this decision. Here’s five reasons.

A Sign of Rebellion!

It’s a way to reject gender expectations and show that not only guys can have short hair. Some girls do it to express themselves in a way that says, “I’m different and I don’t care what you think!”

Coping With Stress.

Sometimes out of nowhere a girl takes the sharp plunge of chopping off her beautiful tresses. Studies say that girls who go through awful breakups cut their hair as a coping mechanism. It can be hard to get over someone after a bad breakup. But, hair is the one thing a girl can control in the situation and offers aid to move on.

Being A Mom.

Some women say that being a mom is a great cause for going for a shorter look. With a new baby it’s hard to find time to keep up on looks. It could also be due to the fact that children love to pull on and rip out longer hair. Going short solves that problem.

It’s Time For Change.

Eventually every person feels an urge to change something drastic in their life at least once. Some girls take to changing the soaps they’re using, some change their wardrobe and some change the hairstyle they sport. Short hairstyles are becoming more popular and more girls want to try it out. It’s a way to create a fresh start and redefine who they are.

Long Hair Can Be a Burden.

Long hair requires a lot of effort. It takes a lot of products to keep it beautiful and after time the costs add up. It ends up getting in food or clogging the drains. In the summer it gets hot! When it comes to long hair vs. short hair, most women agree that short hair wins on being less burdensome.


Image Source : Pinterest